I Chewed Up Mommy’s Panties


This is what I get for leaving my unmentionables on the bed after changing instead of put them in the hamper. Because of that, I walk in to see my puppy Tina chewing on and shaking up my underwear, leaving holes right in the crotch area. Naughty girl!

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Tazzy The Spazzy


Mommy was reading old reader’s digest and ignoring me – that is until she returned from brunch…
Belly LOL – tonight she has plenty of time for me and I am so darned cute with “big brown” sad looking eyes that constantly plead for love and attention that she couldn’t stay mad…
Tazzy the Angel

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Bra Lover


Every time I turn my back he’s stealing my bra’s out of the clothes hamper and he manages to get tangled in them. This time I caught him tangled up and he just looked at me and never moved…the perfect photo opportunity!

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