Cookie funny

I sleep all day and play all night I go to cat school over night. My owner lets me sleep on her bed .then my owner lets me on the xbox to play with her on the game called Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

Bad Monkey!!

Hi, My name is Monkey, but I should have been called piglet.
I stole a chicken leg from a blind man and ate it. I would have got away with it too if I hadn’t thrown it up on the pub floor.

seperation anxiety

During Damien’s episodes of severe seperation anxiety, he does the following : jumps out of windows, scratches door frames, scratches the carpet, chewed myself out of a metal crate(these nails can cut diamonds!!!), stares at shadows when parents are home, also has convulsions and sits in the clothes baskets when my parents are getting ready to go out , and I don’t care that I have a sister. However, in a large pack I don’t do ANYTHING wrong….