Dog park fail


“We went to the dog park, and while the other dogs wanted to play with me, all I wanted to do was pee on and/or snarl at everyone, so we had to leave, and now everyone at the dog park knows Mom & Dad as “those people with the a****le dog.”

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I have some bad habits


My name is Boobah, and I have NO SHAME!
I like to…
– Get in the cupboard over the fridge and under the bathroom sinks, and the closets
– Chew and lick plastic packaging (Mom called it pica)
– Claw my aunt’s sofa(And I taught my little brother to do this!)
– Sit my fat butt on sleeping humans’ rib cages
– Run out the front door
-Steal grandma’s chair when she gets up
– Sit on the mouse’s cage and the guppies’ tank, even though I could possibly BREAK THEM

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