Ruby the Slacker


My name is Ruby, I am over a year old and have never laid a single egg. My sisters lay eggs every day. Mom had to get another chicken this year to make up for my Slacker Ways. I still run to get treats and stuff.

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Pouncer the Cat


Hi! My name is Pouncer, and I am a little terror! I am very naughty. I steal cat food in the night and wake my owners up.

The story I am telling you today is the time when Daddy got his new motorbike. It had a nice black seat and was lovely and hot to sit on. My female owner, Hermione, tried to take a photo of me. I didn’t like it, so I pooped on the motorbike seat AND FARTED ON MY FAMILY WHEN THEY TOLD ME OFF!
I am not ashamed because I think they deserve it. I am a terror, but I am also King of the house.

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