But I’m Pretty


My name is Sky, and I have eating disorder. When my people are home I’m a sweet angel. We lay on the sofa, I get brushed, eat treats, etc. When they leave, I get an urge to eat the sofa – Yum! I think I’m being framed.

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Taking the Trash Out


I chewed on my mom’s phone cord AND kindly put it in trash when I was done. Does she thank me for cleaning up after myself? No! She shames me! I WILL NOT put trash bags in potty box this week for her-no matter how she begs me-Nope, not doing it! Shame on her!

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Ruby the Slacker


My name is Ruby, I am over a year old and have never laid a single egg. My sisters lay eggs every day. Mom had to get another chicken this year to make up for my Slacker Ways. I still run to get treats and stuff.

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