I have no willpower :(


My name is Mocha and I’m 7 years old. Sure, I have my own food. But I LOVE to eat the new kitten’s food, instead. I have absolutely no willpower and will push the kitten out of the way, to get at her dish! Mommy has had to seperate us to opposite ends of the house, at feeding times, so I won’t get any fatter! No one has yet to offer a good enough reason why being fat is so bad for me, so I still try to sneak into the kitten’s room at mealtimes, hoping Mommy won’t notice ;) I am a stubborn little fat cat, and I won’t give up until I resemble a pillow!

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Dear Abb….Latte?


Dear Latte:
Caught in the Act asks: “How can I make my Mommy forget that I hissed and tried to smack her in the face, when she tried to trim my nails? Or forgive me when I’ve just been caught destroying her $30 iPad cord?? She’s so mad at me right now!”
Latte answers: “Fall asleep sitting up like this! Mommy will melt and make with the cuddles in the blink of an eye. Trust me, it works all the time!” ;)

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No Caffeine Necessary!


My name is Latte and I’m a spazzed out lunatic, with no apparent need for rest. Ever. I’m very suspicious about those evil bedcovers humans sleep under, so I feel the need to keep Mommy and Daddy awake all night by attacking their feet and biting their toes, should they chance to move. They sure don’t seem to appreciate my efforts to rid them of the evil that lies beneath their comforter! They’ve even taken to locking me in another room at night – ungrateful, I call it!

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