Wait Til Daddy Gets Home!


Hi! My name is Fifa. I am 8 months old today. I decided to celebrate by chowing down on a couch and a wall. When mom started cleaning up, I decided to help her out by picking up as much foam in my mouth as I could possibly fit. I must have swallowed some because I choked it up later with dinner. Mom cleaned that up too! Daddy is away on a boy’s weekend for Super Bowl, but I bet she will keep our little secret to herself.

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Hi my name is Bailey. I was a perfect Angel my first week of being allowed to stay out of the crate while mommy was at work. Once mommy was comfortable and thought everything was going amazingly well, I had to prove her wrong. I mean I couldn’t make it that easy. So I decided to chew the remotes off and the motors out of mommy and daddy’s brand new La-Z-Boy set. Now they can’t use them! HAHAHAHAHA!! LOL

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Bad Maxx


I am Maxx,
Today I have been a very, very bad boy! I dug the cats bed into the bathroom where I proceeded to rip the bottom apart, and that was not enough to satisfy my bad boy ways so I decided to pee on it! I also chewed my humans eye glasses so that’s going to cost Mommy some money. I also cant behave myself around legs…I get SO excited that I jump on the leg and hold on for dear life, but that’s not all, my butt starts moving in a not so polite way uncontrollably. Mommy’s mad. NO treats she said. I’m sorry…I think!

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