My heavyweight champ


This was my Bubba at 18 yo. RIP love of my life. He loved children, hated dogs. Dogs knew him. One morning , a pit bull entered the yard. I rescued 2 cats, but could not find Bubba. In 10 seconds, I ran to his yell expecting the worse. Oh Yea, that POOR FRIENDLY PIT BULL. Bubba leveled her.In one minute , The dog jumped into the arms of the dog catcher looking for medical care. Three weeks later , Monique , the neglected pregnant dog from 3 blocks down, was adopted by a nice family. I frequently give to the shelter for that reason. Happily ever after !!

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Drop ceiling cat.


The contractor for the spare room was a stupid drunk! Mickey snuck into the drop ceiling because the contractor forgot to put a covering tarp on the opening. Mickey decided to pounce on a ceiling tile to escape. Too bad my best friend was sitting on the thrown under the point of impact. What a mess! Always smell your contractor’s breath before hiring them.

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