Unfinished Business

My name is Sadie Rae and even though I’m 6 yrs old I never quite grew out of my separation anxiety so Mommy makes me a frozen peanut butter bone which I get when she leaves for work each morning. I look so forward to getting my bone that I don’t always finish my business before she leaves. I even like to squat down and pretend to go just to get Mommy to stop telling me to go potty. Then I realize later in the day I need to go and since Mommy isn’t home from work I have no other choice but to go upstairs and poop. It’s just Mommy and me and the master bedroom is on the main floor so I always hope she won’t walk upstairs to look but she always does and I feel ashamed of myself as soon as she starts up the stairs. She gives me the silent treatment which is way worse than any other punishment. I can’t stand but neither can Mommy – it never lasts more than a few minutes!

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