Counter Surfer Molly

Molly is 9 and she likes bread. Especially homemade bread.

7 thoughts on “Counter Surfer Molly

  1. I know this "Molly" person and I know her to be just lovely. I do not know why she must be publicly shamed like this. She has to put up with two furry brothers, a mean lady and a bald guy. Someone owes her an apology.

    • I don't think this will work, best to just learn from the experience and move on. Molly does not look phased by the shaming.

    • I'm very sure she wasn't ashamed one little bit, Virginia Reese Reed! She stretched out on the couch with her enormous tight belly and slowly digested all that bread. It wasn't regular banana tea bread- it was a 2lb loaf of yeast bread with Bananas in it!

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