My Manifesto

My name is Mr. Urusai (Japanese for bothersome-the humans found the irony of it amusing, at first) and these are my crime according to my ‘Mom’:
-I like to scratch the bedroom door between 3 and 6 a.m. only when mom and dad are asleep
-I also play ‘racetrack’ when everyone, including my ‘good’ much older sister is trying to go to sleep
-I enjoy taking a poop/pee while Mom is cleaning my litter box, just when she think she’s almost done
-I LOVE ME some temptations. If you make me wait I get violent with my sister. Mom says its equivalent to a middle aged man getting his beat on an 80 year old lady
-I also LOVE ME some good crunchy plastic, anytime of the day or
-I killed Dad’s leather couch **pawpump** to myself
-I’m sure mom would like me to confess to more indiscretions but I won’t because I can be a d!ck, because I’m cuter than $h!+ when they’re not mad at me.
Kitty Luv=Sucka!!!

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