Rat shaming isn’t easy

“When mommy needs to study or wants to sleep we start fighting, making noises as if we were trying to kill each other. As soon as she looks at us we act all cute. Also we chase our blind, disabled sister until she falls from one of the cage’s upper floors to the ground. It’s so much fun! – The Rat Pack (We regret nothing!)”
In addition to that we stole mommy’s notes, shred them and now all have cute, yellow paper-pillows. This pic is the proof: http://i48.tinypic.com/67uxr7.jpg

3 thoughts on “Rat shaming isn’t easy

    • If my rats aren't in my bedroom they will only keep the cats awake and then they will scratch and claw and meow at my bedroom door – it's just easier to have the rats in my bedrom – I sleep through it now anyway 🙂

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