Why gluttony is a sin

In September 2012, our snowshoe Siamese, Harvey, was diagnosed with diabetes. We had to stop constant feeding and get him on a feeding schedule with insulin injections. Harvey has had a very hard time adjusting to this (thinking he’s being starved) and once finished with his food, he’ll sneak in the other room to eat our other cat’s food (which then makes him vomit!).

2 thoughts on “Why gluttony is a sin

  1. One of my kitties was a diabetic and had to be on the prescription food. She was also a glutton, pushing her17lb built-like-a-Maine-Coone adopted brother, Oliver, out of her way to get to his bowl. http://www.microchipfeeder.com/ This might help. God bless you for giving your boy the care he needs! 🙂

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