Crime pays….in Peanut Butter

My name is Pip. I ate a tin of Black Kiwi shoe polish, and spread it on my muzzle, belly, and feet as well as the carpet and Mom’s new yellow bedcovers. Kiwi does not list the contents on their tins. Mom is worried.
I am not sorry. I love the attention. I am not sick yet but the vet hospital is a couple hours away, and its late on a Sunday night. I threw up most of the ick, but we have to be safe. Mom gave me an activated charcoal and peanut butter sandwich. My brother got a plain peanut butter sandwich. Tomorrow I get sorbitol, a dog-safe laxative. Then I get to sit outside in the sunshine until the shoe polish makes its return trip, at least until the closest vet is open. A vet website said not to induce vomiting, give activated charcoal (not grilling charcoal), and if there are any signs of bloated belly, fever or other signs, to get help right away. Meanwhile I am begging for some of dad’s meatloaf.
Now I know that crime pays….In Peanut Butter!

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