My name is Enzo…

…and I am guilty of the following:
– Chewing Toilet Paper
– Chewing any mail in brown envelopes
– Having sex with Mamas fluffy blanket (even though I’m neutered)
– Chewing cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, carpet, fabric, in fact, anything I can get my teeth around (and many things I can’t)
– Scratching the sofa – I waited until Mama and Papa removed the throw before starting to scratch. I wasn’t interested in it before.
– Stealing Mamas socks – the thicker and fluffier the better.
– Dragging my bed around the house so Mama finds it in strange places.
– Drinking out of the toilet
– Drinking out of Mamas water glass
– In fact, drinking out of everything EXCEPT my water bowl.
I am not ashamed of any of it.

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