Naughty Turtles

Hello we are brother res turtles named squirtel and Poseidon. We are as cute as the dickens & mommy and daddy know this. We live in a beautiful 40 gallon tank with great features, a HUGE dock for basking, a great U.V. Lamp, a very nice heat lamp, a brand new water heater and colorful rocks and accessories. All of this cost $400+ not to mention the money spent every month for upkeep/pg&e. what do we do? We bite each other all time even though there is plenty of space and food for both of us. Mommy ALWAYS spoils us even when daddy says not too. & this am we pulled off the heater from its suction cups and yanked off the output hose for our brand new super expensive filter. So now the filters wont work properly . We are sorry and ashamed the water is no fun anymore. However we may do this again given a chance. Love naughty baby turtles Poseidon and squirtel

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