The gift that keeps on giving- Rotten eggs and old mayo gas

I live in a very small ski village and we sleep with the window open, no screen. So a couple nights ago I roll over at 4 AM to see my dog jumping out the window.. I think hmm, what the hell is he doing? I tried to yell after him then contently went back to bed knowing he can climb into the window once he is done taking himself out. Then it happens 2 more nights, earlier and earlier. I’m think he has a girlfriend or something. The next day a woman approached my boyfriend and informed him that she had witnessed out dog going to town on the garbage overflow by the dumpster up the street. Not only that but he was also spotted at the other dumpster during day hours- NOW he has the worst smelling gas I have ever experienced… and acts like a complete crack head when left to his own devices.. we are keeping him close… and plugging our noses.

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