Typical cat move

When I get fed, I try to cover my food like it’s poop. I’m very ungratful.

3 thoughts on “Typical cat move

  1. Hi. It looks like you have a Main Coon or a Main Coon cross. (Your boy/girl looks almost exactly like my MCx.) Many 'natural' breeds like MC's bury their food….not because they think it's poo. (For some MCs the better the food the more they try to bury the leftovers. Just like people care more about putting yummy leftovers in the fridge right away, than doing the same with not great food.)
    Take his/her trying to cover the leftovers as a cat compliment.

  2. My Bengal does this too. I actually asked my vet about it and he said it wasn't because he didn't like his food, it was because he was trying to "hide" it (from who I don't know, he's the only cat in the house and I've never taken his food away from him if there's still some int he dish) and save it for later.

  3. My girl is a mongrel barn cat with (we think) a substantial amount of Siamese/Oriental heritage. That's her in my profile pic. She does the same thing, only she generally "buries" an empty bowl because she is a greedy pig and never leaves meat in the bowl. She also buries her toy mice after putting them in her bowl.

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