The Christmas Gift Piddler

Our seven year old Gordon Setter, Buddy, has recently gotten into a stint where he shows his angst through lifting his leg. Our smaller dog, Breezy, likes sleeping on the couch and a matching chair *BAMPF* peed on! (Multiple times!) A bag left unattended on the floor *WAHBAM* peed on! A shelve of dictionaries *YOU SAW IT COMING BUT COULDN’T STOP IT* peed on! His little piddle stint stopped happening for a few weeks, just in time for us to hesitantly put up our fake Christmas tree. Boxes of Christmas gifts we were too afraid to put under the tree for fear of another pee spree sat there for a few days. We should have seen the signs, he’d peed two days before on the couch and chair again, we should have known that the boxes were too tempting for him to pass by. And then he struck, in the wee hours of the morning or when our attention was away for just a moment, I can’t be sure exactly, but he took his opportunity. He didn’t just pee on it, he drenched it. The side, the top (God knows how he got his leg up there), and the floor around it.
We live in constant fear. Pray for us in our time of need, for we know this “accident” is not his last.

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