Drop ceiling cat.

The contractor for the spare room was a stupid drunk! Mickey snuck into the drop ceiling because the contractor forgot to put a covering tarp on the opening. Mickey decided to pounce on a ceiling tile to escape. Too bad my best friend was sitting on the thrown under the point of impact. What a mess! Always smell your contractor’s breath before hiring them.

2 thoughts on “Drop ceiling cat.

  1. Yes I missed the mark a little. But Mickey the cat didn't. His curiosity is legendary. The tile came down on Rene 's head when he was on the head. Four legs some times smarter than two. Mickey saved Rene's life twice from hypoglycemia by waking me up. We had eleven good years together until his heart failed in 2008. At least he did something for humanity. More than most people ( human shame, com ) Never let your heart fail !!

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