Hall of Shame

My name is Sam and I am 4 years old. Not a puppy but I act like one.
In the last month I have eaten a 300.00 rug, broken a 110 year old window,the front door is boarded up so I don’t go through it when the mailman comes, ate part of the skirt on the sofa,ate my dad’s earphones, one of mom’s shoes, multiple magazines, I counter surf and eat anything on the counter. I’ve chewed a 100 foot extension cord up into many pieces, a garden hose, the drains that attach to the downspout. I also eat frozen poop but only if it is frozen. I climb the 5 foot fence to chase squirrels. I bite the fence and try to pull it down when other dogs go by.
I should be in the Hall of Fame for Shamemypet.com

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