Revenge pee!

When I get put in the basement, I revenge piss all over the place- I am very partial to rugs. I have even been known to leave little poopy prizes in the corner- find & seek! A bucket of bleach water is on standby at all time cuz of me.
– peed there, don’t care! Claire

3 thoughts on “Revenge pee!

  1. Bleach is actually a bad cleaner for cat urine. It contains ammonia which makes cats usually go back to it. Find a cleaner without ammonia preferably citrus since cats hate the smell of it.

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  3. One amongst the hardest things related to maintaining a cat, is the putrid smell of urine they might leave on the home. The problem is a few cats completely disregard their kitty litter boxes. They do not even acknowledge it is present. But it is not just the smell that’s frustrating. What about the time, efforts and cost of the need to clean everything up as well? It might be a nightmare… So what would you do? Well, unlike eliminating your cat… I recommend you a step-by-step system that is proved to have your cat to pee in its kitty litter box permanently. And it involves a 60-day cash back guarantee, therefore there’s No risk. In case you’re prepared to eliminate the problem forever, you can find out more on this site

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