seperation anxiety

During Damien’s episodes of severe seperation anxiety, he does the following : jumps out of windows, scratches door frames, scratches the carpet, chewed myself out of a metal crate(these nails can cut diamonds!!!), stares at shadows when parents are home, also has convulsions and sits in the clothes baskets when my parents are getting ready to go out , and I don’t care that I have a sister. However, in a large pack I don’t do ANYTHING wrong….

My little Ángel can be the devil sometimes

Ángel is my eleven year old chihuahua. She normally is always a very good dog, but she hates being away from me. Ángel is always in my lap, lounging next to my, and even sleeps curled up under the blankets next to my stomach. During the process of moving we tried to keep her in one room while we were running in and out of the house and moving boxes…you can tell from the picture how much she didn’t appreciate that! Brand new apartment and already she’s left her mark.

But… it was raining outside. What was I supposed to do?

Mallie, my 2 yr old pit bull, refuses to go outside if its raining or even LOOKS like it is going to rain. I caught her coming out of my son’s room this morning, which meant only one thing…. she pooped. While I didn’t catch her in the act, the look on her face screams “GUILTY”.