Carb Addict

He eats entire birthday cakes when you’re not looking, steals pancakes off the kitchen table and even rips open bags of store bought bread to get to the yumminess inside. (He is even talented enough to unwrap a stick of butter and eat the entire thing without ripping the paper). Normally he gets put in his kennel when we leave, but my husband came home for lunch, sampled the warm bread and then forgot to put the dog up when he left. It was my very first loaf of home baked bread! 🙁

3 thoughts on “Carb Addict

  1. The first time I baked a pound cake, I took it out of the pan to cool on the counter. I left with my Mom to run errands and we came home to a very guilty-looking beagle and HALF a pound cake on the kitchen floor. I hope it was good. Your story brought back memories.

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