Pixie Destroyer of Boxes

Pixie Dust Winstead is our 2 year old siamese ragdoll rescue she loves anything that resembles a box. Her Motto is ” If I fits I sits” she suffers from anxiety so she chews cardboard. If left alone Pixie can shred an entire shoe box in less that an hour. It makes for more room in the trash yet more mess to clean. Never the less we love her because she is sweet and Beautiful!

5 thoughts on “Pixie Destroyer of Boxes

  1. One of my cats does this to boxes too… only he shreds them with his claws instead. Vacuuming up the cardboard confetti is enough fun, but when we moved house it was a battle against the clock to get all the boxes unpacked before Jack could have his way with them and cause their contents to spill out….

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