Devils Kitty


My name is Daumer and I love chewing on fake trees and flowers. Last year Mommy had to pay to take me to the vet because I wasn’t eatting… Chewing on the tree cut the back of my throat and it hurt to eat for a while. This year, mommies friend put the Holy Family under her tree to deter me. PLEASE! I didn’t let them stand in my way. Joseph gave his life to protect baby Jesus and lost his head for it; and Mary lost her other hand and will never be able to hold her baby… Mommy says I get a bath in holy water for Christmas, AFTER an exorcism…

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Callifrey the Shelf Sitter


Mom keeps my food on the counter so the dogs won’t get it. I think I can’t jump up there so I beg Mom to put me up there every morning and night. When she tells me that I really am a cat and I can jump up there myself I hide on this shelf.

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