Diva Dharma


The amount of money we spend on food for this Diva is ridiculous! She’ll eat one kind for a while, the act like it’s poison. This starts an expensive cycle as we look for something new. She’s lucky she’s cute!

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I Flew Away


“I flew out the back door and partied in the woods for TWO DAYS!” -Lucy

The day after we moved into our new home, Lucy flew out the back door and into the woods. A kind neighbor managed to catch and return her safely home two days later.

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I am the Shoe Stealer


“I like to steal shoes when no one is home and hide them in my crate or outside.” – Bessie

Bessie gets anxious when I’m not home and repeatedly steals my slippers and shoes. I have found them in various places through out the house, but most of the time they are in her crate or out on the back porch. It’s usually only my shoes, but occasionally she steals my husband’s and my daughter’s. She doesn’t chew them, just takes them.

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