Barney ate the new carpet


my name is Barney. I am a rescue dog. I show my appreciation by digging huge holes all over the yard, stealing anything dropped or left on the floor and chewing it up then throwing it up. Today I ate a hole in the new carpet right through the padding.

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I like to step in my own poop when I try to bury it, so my mommy has to wash my paws off a few times every day. She found this out when I stepped on her head at 6:45 A.M. the other day.


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Just… why? … WHY?


Lufee: ” I ate this bit of carpet, then puked in mom’s bed”
Marcell: “I ate most of what she threw up”

Rest was for mom to clean up and / or worry about that which end of the dog will the carpet appear again…

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